Thank you for supporting mum, it made our special day perfect!

15 Nov, 2022

Weddings can be stressful

Two Doves

Two doves meeting in the sky. Two loves hand in hand, eye to eye. Two parts of a loving whole. Two hearts and a single soul. Two stars shining big and bright. Two fires bringing warm than delight. Two songs played in perfect tune. Two flowers growing into bloom. Two doves gliding in the air. Two loves free without a care. Two parts of a loving whole. Two hearts and a single soul. Two dreams found before too late. Two lives together, bound by fate. Two people cling to one another. Two people in love with each other. Two doves, can you see them soar? Two loves – who could ask for more? Two parts of a loving whole. Two hearts and a single soul.

Andrea made Smithy Bridge Court her home over a year and a half ago and has become a valued part of the family. She recently attended her daughter Sarah’s wedding, something only a few short months ago the family doubted could ever happen.

Getting Wedding Ready

Our team talked to Andrea about what going to her daughter’s wedding would mean to her and how together they would make this happen. The first item on Andrea’s list was an outfit. She wanted to look nice and was concerned about shopping and becoming overwhelmed.  With support from our team, Andrea went to town to pick out a lovely mother-of-the-bride outfit consisting of a beautiful navy-blue frock and a matching fascinator!

Just before the big day, Andrea went to have her nails done with gel polish to accent her outfit and our deputy Manager Amber did her hair and makeup on the day. She looked lovely and was really happy with how she looked.

Deputy Manager Amber getting Andrea Wedding ready!

A few words from the Bride

Andrea’s daughter, Sarah, told us, “So obviously, the family were delighted when they found out I was getting married. However, our first concern was what this would mean for mum. Usually, when we take mum out, we have to take her carers with us, which wouldn’t be possible on this day. So, we contacted Smithy Bridge Court to find out our options, and we were told straight away that something could be arranged so mum could go.

Andrea and Fara leaving Smithy Bridge Court for the wedding

Andrea and her support, Farah

The staff requested some money to take her shopping for an outfit. Then they organised a full day of 1:1 support so mum could attend the wedding under supervision, taking a lot of pressure off me, which was amazing!

Andrea and Farah

Andrea and Farah leaving for the Wedding in style

She’s getting married in the morning!

The care team got her ready on the morning of the wedding, and she looked beautiful and took all the stress away from the family. Mum’s amazing 1:1 support for the day was Farah, who was fantastic, and we cannot thank her enough. The guests at the wedding all commented on how amazing, patient and professional she was and how happy mum was to be at a family event, the first in many years.

Andrea and Sarah at the wedding

Mother and Bride

We cannot thank all the care teams at Smith Bridge enough. They supported us to make that day special not only for me but for mum too, and it really meant the world to all of us that she could be part of such a memorable day.”

Wedding Day

Proud Mother of the Bride

Wedding Album

After the big day, Farah printed out all the photos and created a wedding day photo album for Andrea, which she loves to look at and show people. A wedding can be a very stressful event for everyone involved, but for someone who is living with a mental health issue, dementia, or complex care needs, it can feel impossible to attend. It is a real testament to the whole Smithy Bridge Court team that Andrea’s family had the confidence in us to support her on such a special day.

Our Deputy Manager Amber Harrison said, “It was a real privilege and pleasure to support Andrea in attending her daughter’s wedding. We, as a team, are so proud to have been part of their special day and to have taken away some of the stress and worry away for them all.

Andrea and Sarah celebrating

Sarah and Andrea celebrating.