Mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially for those living with complex care and dementia needs.

A quarter of over 65s experience depression and 40% of over 85s live with incapacitating depression, which impedes their ability to perform daily activities. People with dementia may develop depression and or anxiety from an awareness of their reduced or decreasing capabilities.

At Smithy Bridge Court we understand the challenges of caring for those with complex care, dementia and mental health conditions. We provide quality, personal care for our ladies and gentlemen in the warm environment of our home.

Mental health care

We provide mental health support for:

  • People with advanced dementia with related complex health issues
  • People with physical/sensory disabilities
  • End of life care
  • Mental health disorders including schizophrenia and bipolar
  • Mental health with complex needs, including complex behaviours.
  • Special needs which require nursing support

To ensure we deliver the best possible mental health care services we liaise closely with local experts and health services including community mental health teams, psychiatrists and Rochdale GPs.

A safe and welcoming living environment

Our home at Smithy Bridge Court has been imaginatively designed to provide a homely feel. With its spacious and bright living environment, plus beautiful countryside views it creates a positive atmosphere with its connection to the outside and nature. Our ladies and gentlemen, through building supportive and friendly relationships with our experienced staff, can find their confidence and independence.

Communicating about mental health

One of the best ways to help people cope with mental health illness is to encourage them to talk and share how they are feeling openly and honestly.

At Smithy Bridge Court we offer:

  • Peer support to reduce stigma and isolation
  • Considerate and personalised services
  • A community which is warm and inclusive
  • Psychological therapies and strategies

Stimulating outdoor spaces

Everyone who resides in our home has access to the outside to enjoy the sunshine and changing seasons in our uniquely designed sensory garden. This special space provides a sanctuary for many to de-stress, find a quiet place for personal reflection and top up vitamin D levels essential for wellbeing.